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Coravin vs Decanting wine


I´m considering getting a Coravin, so I don´t have to open the whole bottle. I´ve started collecting wine about 7-8 years ago. Some bottles getting the right age about now, others got another 2-5-15-50 years in them.
Anyhow, usually I like to decant my wine. First of all, to get rid of any deposit. Second, I like how they open up. For me, they do taste better.

So what about Coravin? When you pour via the needle, are you able to somehow get rid of deposits? Let it stand a day or so, before pouring? Or does deposit comes through the needle?

Athan Zafirov

For 15 years, Athan Zafirov has traveled the vineyards around the world and worked with some of the greatest chefs including Francois Duc and Alan Brown.

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