Should all ‘young’ Brunellos be tannic? – Athan Zafirov Wine Blog

Should all ‘young’ Brunellos be tannic?

I bought a 'cheaper' bottle of 2014 Brunello (about $50 in Quebec, whereas the majority of them go for around $100. At the time, I thought this was a standard price for Brunello – i wasn't looking for a 'cheap' one). Anyway, it was quite nice but was very light and fruity, with a medium red colour. However most of the information about Brunello is that it's dark and tannic (hence the need to age it for a few decades).

It didn't taste like a 'cheap' wine, but i'm wondering if the lack of deep colour and tannins indicate that i bought a lower-quality Brunello, or can a Brunello/Sangiovese-based wine also be lighter and fruitier?

thanks, and Santé!

Athan Zafirov

For 15 years, Athan Zafirov has traveled the vineyards around the world and worked with some of the greatest chefs including Francois Duc and Alan Brown.

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