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Some old notable bottles drank from 2019

Here's some cool stuff that has been consumed so far this year. Winebid can be a dangerous place…haha

Dont judge the notes too hard I tried to remember what I could haha.

2002 Piper Heidsieck Rare

1983 Inglenook Napanook Vineyard Rsv Cask Cabernet -Still had lots of life left…one of the favorites of the year. I did not even want to drink this one just smell it all day. Amazing!

1999 La Jota Howell Mountain Cabernet

1997 Taylor Fladgate Vtg Port

2007 Perata Vineyards Yountville Cabernet -growers since 1942 on State lane in Yountville

1984 Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet – the most surprising bottle of the year. Fruit was starting to fade but still great structure

2015 DB4 by Bryant Family- Drank too young…needs another few years in the bottle. Still a great Napa red for under $150.

1986 Christian Brothers Napa Valley Cabernet- Could not find much info on this bottle. Good chance a lot of the fruit was Mt Veeder. Still kicking…fruit was still there and had some great structure.

1986 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet- This bottle was also in the running for wine of the year for me. I can see why these bottles can last for decades.

2015 Ridge Monte Bello Cabernet- Its Monte Bello…enough said! This wine delivers year after year. My favorite young Cabernet I drank this year.

2015 ZD RSV Cabernet Rutherford- I do not see a lot of ZD posted on here. One of Napa's great family wineries. This wine is one to put away a coupe years but is still ready to drink now.

1973 Inglenook Napa Valley Petite Sirah – Before all the petite sirah was ripped out of Napa in favor of Cabernet….this was a cool bottle to try from an iconic producer. Still had a bit of fruit left but was pretty faded.

1982 BV George de Latour Cabernet- Drank on Valentines day this year and did not disappoint. I was amazed at how well this drank. Dusty cherries and tobacco!

1976 Rodney Strong Cabernet- This might have been to most unique wine I drank this year. I contacted the winery and they actually sent me a tech sheet. I was expecting this wine to be totally over the hill but it was still kicking a bit. The wines was produced from the River West vineyard I believe.

1991 Robert Mondavi Rsv Cabernet- The obligatory birth year wine. This wine was incredible! Little mintyness, tobacco, dark fruits, and leather. This could go another decade + easily.

1973 BV George de Latour Cabernet 375ml- Not the greatest vintage but still a great wine. Held up well in the 375ml. A little fruit left but definitely past its prime.

1977 Inglenook Charbono- This might be my 2nd favorite of the wines I drank this year. Its sad there is almost no Charbono left in Napa…this wine was everything you want in an aged Napa wine. This wine had a surprising amount of fruit and I think it could had aged even longer. Was definitely on the down slope tho.

1992 Swanson Napa Valley Syrah- Over the hill

1996 Frogs Leap Rutherford Cabernet 1.5L- This wine was great…getting past its drinking window tho.

NV ZD Abacus 17th bottling (1992-2014)- Picture got cut off but this is always a favorite to drink when I can. If you like the depth and complexities of a aged Napa cabernet but also the fruit forward and intensity that a younger Napa wine gives you this wine is a cool experience.

Athan Zafirov

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