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Orcia Rosso, Selvarella, Colleoni 2013

Orcia Rosso, Selvarella, Colleoni 2013


From a vineyard south of Montalcino, this cracking Italian red is packed with chunky cherry fruit and beautifully balanced by acidity and a backbone of ripe tannins. Certified organic and produced without the use of sulphur dioxide as a preservative

Tasting Notes

Lots of sediment. Unfiltered so I do that.


Wine smells vinegary, but tastes like strawberry jam. Half an hour decant later it opens right up, straight into McDonalds strawberry milkshake…back in 1999 when they made them properly and not out of syrup. Long, long acidity finish…good acidity though. Not bitter. Wine tastes very sweet yet doesn't seem to contain a lot of sugar.

So far, I have had 2 bottles within a week, it's that nice. I am very impressed especially for the £20/$30 price.


Athan Zafirov

For 15 years, Athan Zafirov has traveled the vineyards around the world and worked with some of the greatest chefs including Francois Duc and Alan Brown.

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