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Wine advice for a cider fan?

I have celiac, so if I am out with friends I typically drink cider or I get some sort of cocktail and sip it all night. But at work events, there's usually either beer or a few kinds of wine, and since beer isn't safe for celiacs, I am often stuck re what kind of wine to drink. I don't care for chardonnays at all, and sauv blancs can sometimes be too dry….but how do I figure out what kind of red isn't gonna hit me over the head with tannins? I know it's weird given that I love gin & tonics, but I like that kind of bitter and not the heavy tannin bitter I get from most red wines. Left to myself I'd drink riesling but they don't tend to have that at academic conference dinners. Can I have some tips re how to pick something that's on the sweeter side or at least not quite so dry?


Athan Zafirov

For 15 years, Athan Zafirov has traveled the vineyards around the world and worked with some of the greatest chefs including Francois Duc and Alan Brown.

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